The Ladies League of Detroit is a network of women in metro Detroit.  The group was founded in October 2017 and as of January 2020 we have about 25 members.  The ladies in the group are all successful in their own right.  They are in a variety of professions, and many are entrepreneurs.  Our group is all about networking and supporting other women.  Meet a few of us below and feel free to reach out! 

Meet theLadies

Member of the Month

Congratulations to Jennifer Steele

August Member of the Month!!!


Our Sister Jennifer is August Member of the Month! Jennifer is the definition of cool...she is ALWAYS cute, smart, hard working, and dedicated mother! She does so much for everyone, always planning, cooking, setting up, and supporting not just LLD but her family, her children, and friends. Jen is on our Leadership Committee and helps guide our group. She is SO MUCH FUN! No drama, no attitude, just gives love and good times to her sisters. She is an essential worker so we owe her gratitude for her service as well.