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The Ladies League of Detroit was founded in May 2018 and as of

May 2024 has 88 members.  The ladies in the group are all successful in their own right.  They are in a variety of professions, and many are entrepreneurs.  We are all about networking and supporting other women.  Meet a few of us below and feel free to reach out! 

Meet theLadies

Leslie HS-2.jpg

M e m b e r  of  theM o nth


Congratulations to Laventrice Mitchell


Please join us in celebrating Laventrice as LLD June Member of the Month! Laventrice came into the group committed and has shown up consistently with and for her Sisters. She regularly attends LLD meetings, Ladies Night Out, and informal gatherings. Which says a lot because she has a very busy career. She always has a smile and great conversation with us. Laventrice managed our last photo shoot location and other arrangements that made our 6th anniversary special. Thank you for being a great Sister and we celebrate you this month!


6-Laventrice June.jpg
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