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What many would consider to be a state of brokenness, Celeste Blackman used as building blocks for success. From sexual abuse and the loss of her mother, then her best friend to the loss of other family members to gun violence, Celeste knows firsthand what it’s like to be broken—mentally, spiritually and emotionally. Using her personal experience as a weapon of warfare to fight for others, she has made it her life’s purpose to assist children and adults alike who have lost their parents or life’s struggles and feel hopeless. Through a supportive, structured process, she not only positions clients to live a successful, fruitful life—but she teaches them to lead others into a life of fulfillment.

    Through her programs, her clients experience authentic healing and wholeness that they once thought they’d never find. As a coach to many, Celeste works diligently to make sure her clients feel safe, encouraged and confident when they leave her presence. Having obtained her educational experience from The CAPP Institute for Coaching and Positive Psychology, Moody Bible Institute of Michigan and Breakthrough Coaching & Leadership Academy led her to be a highly sought after partner for many organizations. In addition to serving on the advisory board of Adams Butzel Recreation Complex she’s been fortunate to collaborate with Women Creating Caring Communities, Sow a Seed Youth Organization, Women of Virtue, Amazing Woman Network and a member of Ladies League of Detroit Membership Committee.

    When she’s not helping others move their missions forward in and around the local community, she’s busy hosting her signature programs such as: Ladies with Visions along with Healing and Prosperity Goal Setting Program, Healing Beyond Me and Kingya Youth Program. Annually, Celeste also organizes a back-to-school rally, Easter Kiddie Disco, a holiday meal program and a women’s retreat. Her work as a personal development coach, community activist and woman of influence also led her to be awarded the Spirit of Detroit Award, as well as the “Doin’ Good in the Hood” Award. She’s also utilized her voice on Wow! That’s Crazy Podcast as Co-host and TheWONTVPodcast. 

    Today, Celeste moves forward through The Healing and Prosperity Non-Profit  and Prosperity Living Preschool, which speaks for itself and Kingya Youth Foundation, supporting children who loss parents from death or incarceration. Through the organization and year-round events, she works to help others heal from the inside out. She fills gaps of poverty with pieces of prosperity, eventually positioning people to help others soar beyond their circumstance or environment. In a world of chaos and confusion, she makes it a point to be the calm of someone’s storm—balancing the scales of others so they can maintain mental stability at all times,

in all seasons. 

    For interviews, speaking engagements or more information on upcoming events, email or follow Healing & Prosperity Foundation on Facebook.  

Celeste Blackman

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