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Kanitha S. Metzger is navigating life, but shaping it with purpose. Married for three years, I am a devoted mother of a 23-year-old daughter and a 16-month-old son. Equipped with a Bachelor’s in Education from Wayne State University and a Master’s in Educational Leadership from U of M-Dearborn, I am a passionate educator of 12 years, leaving an indelible mark on young minds.


My commitment to education extends beyond the classroom. I am the visionary founder of Sow’N Seeds Youth Group, an academic latchkey program in Detroit. On a mission to offer middle-school aged children with a high quality equitable after-school educational experience that empowers them to be successful in academia providing growth opportunities for character development, leadership, and service. 


The pursuit of knowledge remains a constant in my life. I am approaching my second year advancing my understanding of biblical studies at Oakland Church School of Ministry. I aspire to use my education to spread the gospel in various community settings, from churches to hospitals, shelters, prisons, and schools.


Even with a schedule brimming with meaningful commitments, I find joy in leisure moments. From creating faith-based content for social media to summer gardening, cooking with family, and reading in cozy corners, I embrace a rich and balanced life. Shopping and thrifting add a dash of flair of course, but the highlight is undoubtedly brunching on a Saturday morning with my

Ladies League of Detroit sisters!


My life journey is a testament to the harmonious blend of purpose, passion, and a zest for life and I’m grateful to God for every moment. 


Contact Kanitha at:


Kanitha S. Metzger

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