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Tyrhonda Jackson

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Tyrhonda Jackson is affectionately known as “TJ”.  She is a Professional Event Planner & Logistics Strategist who specializes in "Day of Coordination."  TJ is the CEO/Owner of Logistically Planned Events, LLC and One-Way Customs, LLC.  Also, she is the Scheduling Coordinator for the College of Nursing where she serves as the Recording Secretary/Recreation Chairperson for Professional & Administrative UAW Local 1979 at Wayne State University. 


Logistically Planned Events (LPE) was established in 2016 out of passion and purpose for helping people plan their events.  Helping clients alleviate stressors associated with planning, designing, site selections, and coordinating is the main focus for LPE.  One-Way Customs was birthed in 2020 during the pandemic out of an interest and hobby.  TJ creates customized insulated tumblers and a variety of other items. 

"Tyrhonda Jackson is an event planner with an extensive background for all events from business to special occasions to just for fun!  She will be an integral component when planning any event to make sure things run smoothly because she is logistically savvy!"

~L. Slowinski

Logistically Planned Events & One-Way Customs contact number: (734) 956-0532




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