About Us

   The Ladies League of Detroit is a supportive network for women in Metro Detroit.

Our purpose is women’s empowerment. We focus on professional and personal development, networking, entrepreneurship, and supportive friendship.

The group was founded in October 2017. 

As of January 2020 we have approximately 25 members.

   The group is led by founder and CEO, LaTonia Walker, a native Detroiter, born and raised on the east side of Detroit. LaTonia is a Social Worker, and Motivational Speaker & Writer. She has overcome many personal challenges throughout life and now has a platform for women, providing motivation and inspiration.

   Meetings are held twice monthly, once on a Wednesday and once on a Saturday. Each meeting has a different topic, usually with a speaker from within the group, then a discussion about the topic. Examples of previous topics include: love and forgiveness, failure and what you learned from it, positive body image, small business development, the path to purpose, and learning to put yourself first.

   Meeting activities can vary and include trips, books, outside speakers, and male attendance for certain topics. In addition to the meetings, the group is also engaged in community service. Membership requirements include, attending at least two meetings within a three month period, and membership dues of $40 per month. New ladies are welcome to attend a few meetings before deciding to join.

   Instead of repeating the narrative of how women do not support each other,            The Ladies League of Detroit is the change that we want to see in the world. The group is encouraged to keep discussions confidential, to support each other’s businesses, professional ambitions, and to be a source of support in each other’s lives. It is a safe and judgment free zone for women to feel comfortable discussing their experiences, challenges, dreams, and ambitions.

Membership Guidelines

The Ladies League of Detroit Membership guidelines are as follows:


  • Members are required to attend at least two meetings every three months.

  • Members pay $40 a month for dues.

  • Payment is due the 1st of each month, and multiple payment options are provided.

  • If payment is not received,  the Leadership Committee will reach out within the second month. If not paid within the third month, membership will be revoked.

  •  Members must participate in at least one community service project each year.

  •  Members are required to sign and agree to a photo release.

  • Application, photo release, and other sensitive documents will only be viewed by the Leadership Committee and will be kept confidential.

  •  Members will be listed in a Membership Directory for networking and business

        purposes. The directory will not list all personal information, only contact                         information, and profession information that are needed for networking purposes.

New Ladies

  • New ladies who are interested in joining must attend two meetings before applying.

  • If they decide to join they must complete the application package. The Leadership Committee will make the decision on acceptance or denial. 

  • New ladies and guests must pay $10 per meeting they attend until they become a

       member.  Some meetings may require a higher cost.