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About Us

The Ladies League is a national supportive network for women. 

Our ten founding values are women’s empowerment, professional and personal development, sisterhood, spirituality, self-esteem & self-efficacy, accountability, networking, community service, entrepreneurship, and financial empowerment. 


The Ladies League is designed for women "in the middle" not at the bottom and not at the top.  The Founder observed that as a Social Worker one segment of the community receives a plethora of resources, while on the opposite end of the spectrum, women on a higher level have support of a different sort.  However, women in the middle do not receive support from either.  Similar to the "middle child" syndrome women in the middle are often forgotten about in the community.  The Ladies League offers support for this target market.

The Ladies League currently has three chapter locations:

The Ladies League of Detroit, Est May 2018 

The Ladies League of Baltimore, Est July 2021 

The Ladies League of Jacksonville, Est Oct 2022

Additional Sister Chapters are in development

The Ladies League of Detroit hosts two meetings each month. 

Meeting topics are focused on the whole woman, and we touch on every area of life.  Examples of previous topics include: women's mental health, how to be a friend, proper undergarment fittings, women of faith, networking mixers, LLD After Dark, small business development, finance and credit building, the path to purpose, healthy lifestyle change, bouncing back after a breakup, healthy relationships and marriage, breaking generational curses, book discussions, and so much more!   

Meetings are held both in person and virtually.


The group is also engaged in community service. 

We give back in a variety of ways and have hosted community service events for organizations such as the Detroit Fire Department, COTS, Rebel Nell,

Big Brothers Big Sisters, and Alternatives for Girls.

The Ladies League of Detroit hosts four community service projects annually.

How do I become a Member?!

New ladies are required to attend two meetings and then are invited to submit an application for membership.  Once membership is established, Sisters are required to attend at least

two meetings every three months, participate in at least one LLD community service project annually, and pay monthly membership dues obligation. 

Current meetings are posted on the home page.

You can also email us to connect at

Becoming A Member


Sisters are encouraged to support each other’s businesses, professional ambitions, and to be a source of support in each other’s lives.  It is a safe and judgment free zone for women to feel comfortable discussing their experiences, challenges, dreams, and ambitions.  Instead of repeating the narrative of how women do not support each other we are the change we want to see in the world.  Members agree to confidentiality as part of their membership commitment.

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