About Us

The Ladies League of Detroit is a supportive network for women in Metro Detroit.

It was founded in October 2017, and became official in May 2018.

The purpose and foundation for the group is professional and personal development. The focus is on networking, women’s empowerment, entrepreneurship, accountability, financial development, spirituality, and supportive friendship.

The group is spiritually based, but is not religious.


The group is led by founder and CEO LaTonia Walker, a native Detroiter, born and raised on the east side of Detroit.  LaTonia is a Social Worker, and Motivational Speaker & Writer. She has overcome many personal challenges throughout life and now has a platform for women, providing motivation and inspiration in a variety of ways.

The Ladies League of Detroit is a registered LLC, owned by LaTonia.

LLD currently has 2 engagement committees. 

First, The Leadership Committee who oversees the group membership selections,

finances, documents, and other business-related tasks.   

Second, The Membership Committee who oversees the recruitment, retention, and maintenance of current and future members. 


Meetings are held twice monthly – one Saturday and one Wednesday. However some months the meeting schedule varies.  Each meeting has a different topic, usually with a speaker from within the group, and discussion about the topic.  Examples of previous topics include: love and forgiveness, failure and what you learned from it, positive body image, small business development, the path to purpose, healthy lifestyle change, dance and workout and sessions,


In addition to the regular meetings, the group is also engaged in community service. 

We host 4 community service projects annually at various area agencies and programs. LLD members are required to participate in at least one

community service project each year.

Monthly membership dues are required.  Membership dues are used for group expenses such as facility cost, food provided at meetings, website development and maintenance, flyers, marketing, member gifts, and a host of other costs associated with the operation of the group.


The Ladies League of Detroit is not a non-profit organization, it is a business owned and operated by the Founder.  The long term goal is a profit and financial compensation the same as any other business.  The dues can be paid monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or annually.  There may be other costs associated with membership and activities such as LLD merchandise, trips, and other special activities.  Ample notice will always be given when there are additional costs.  Any increases in membership dues will also be done with ample notice, with input from The Leadership Committee.

Membership dues are $40 per month. 

The group is encouraged to keep discussions confidential, to support each other’s businesses, professional ambitions, and to be a source of support in each other’s lives.  It is a safe and judgment free zone for women to feel comfortable discussing their experiences, challenges, dreams, and ambitions.  Instead of repeating the narrative of how women do not support each other we are the change we want to see in the world. 

Members agree to confidentiality as part of the signed application.

Membership Guidelines

The Ladies League of Detroit Membership guidelines are as follows:


  • Members are required to attend at least two meetings every three months.

  • Members are required to pay $40 per month for dues.

  • Payment is due the 15th of each month, and multiple payment options will be provided.

  • If payment is not received, a member of the Leadership Committee will reach out within the second month.If not paid within the third month, membership will be revoked.

  • Members must participate in at least one community service project each year.

  • Members are required to complete an application and agree to a photo release.

  • Application, photo release, and other sensitive documents will only be viewed by the Leadership Committee and will be kept confidential.

  • Members will be listed in a Membership Directory for networking and business purposes.The directory will not list all personal information, only contact information, and profession information that are needed for networking purposes.


New Ladies:

  • New ladies who are interested in joining must attend two meetings before submitting an application.

  • After attending two meeting, they will complete and submit an application to Founder.

  • The Leadership Committee will make the decision on acceptance or denial within 2 weeks of application submission.

  • New ladies and guests pay $10 per meeting they attend until they become a member.  Meeting contribution is for in-person meetings only, there is no fee for meetings held virtually.