Angelena Davis


I am Angelena Davis and this is my story….

Born and raised in Detroit, Michigan, I was the second of two children, with my brother being the eldest. My mother was and still is,

my biggest inspiration, given her patience, courage and immense strength.

She served as a model for me and despite her own setbacks, her willingness to push me forward was nothing short of amazing.

As a mother of a teenage daughter,

I strive daily to set the example

and give back in the ways my 

mother did for my brother and me.

Though my life is a mix of many personal struggles, I still enjoy simple pleasures, like traveling,cooking/baking, crafting, reading, home improvement and self-care.

I mentioned self-care because

life has a way of bringing the “heat” in

everyday activities and obligations.

So, I find solutions that best give me renewal in mind, body, spirit, heart and soul.

I also have and up and coming business called Detroit Messenger Company LLC, a Christian/Inspirational lifestyle
brand, due to launch June 2020. This brand is close to my heart because God gave me the vision to showcase products and services that will reflect and inspire righteous living. My fervent faith in the Lord Jesus Christ is a vital contributing factor in keeping me balanced in a chaotic world.In everything we do, there must be balance, sense and sensibility. Despite my shortcomings, one thing remains true for me: To appreciate each day as an opportunity to find a better way.

Lastly, love on yourself. Accept that you are no carbon copy of anyone else, that you are own mix of uniqueness and recognize the power God gave you and embrace your

flaws with conviction.

This IS my story and I am sticking to it (wink)!
Angie D.

Contact Information:

Phone: 248-291-4272

Business Line: 800-926-1559