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Trina Crenshaw

Trina Crenshaw is an Independent Author, Co-Owner of Love Alive LLC, and an employee of Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan.  She is currently pursuing a degree in Business Administration.  She is a mother of four, passionate about youth empowerment, and dedicated to investing her time and energy into the community.  


She is a former board member of Young Executive Advancements, a non-profit organization committed to energize youth to become competitive professionals prior to college.  She is currently active in the International UAW; holding positions in the Local 2500 Women's Committee, Local 2500 Education Committee, Local 2500 Communications Committee, and as the Editor of the Region 1 Women’s Council Newsletter.  Through her company, Love Alive LLC, she is striving to educate youth and senior citizens in all aspects of computer technology.  


In addition, as an Independent Author, she has published one poetry book, two novels-Choices 1 & 2, and has been a featured author in three collections of short stories. She has also produced audio books for the first two Choices novels that can be heard on Audible, iTunes, and Amazon.  She is currently working on the third book of her Choices series, and is actively seeking to grow her Choices brand with a Choices 101 Lifeclass Conference, a Choices stageplay, and a Choices movie.  She is an avid reader of all genres. Her first poem was published in her grade school paper, and she has been writing ever since.  She has written for school newspapers from grade school through college, and contributed articles for her BCBSM divisional newsletter, as well as the UAW Local 2500 periodical.


Her truthful, down to earth style allows her to not only reach true book lovers, but also audiences at large.  A Detroit native, she is a motivated and skilled writer with life experiences that will help someone once her voice is heard.

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