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While many people try to define themselves and find their purpose in external sources, Patricia Sims-Brown, affectionately known as Mz. Pat, knows firsthand that true purpose can only be unlocked from within. Pat has made it her life’s mission to serve as a beacon of hope and enlightenment for anyone she encounters. Her passion to positively impact the lives of others, coupled with her formal training in Mental Health Counseling and Coaching, serves as a platform to touch lives far beyond her backyard.


To further expand her reach, she provides clinical service where clients receive authentic therapeutic or coaching tools to fill their personal toolbox.  With a niche to reach high functioning women who may be in a life transition, experiencing burnout, or enduring anxious and/or depressive symptoms.  Whether she’s working with a client one on one, moderating a small group setting, or speaking to a crowd, her bold approach as a compassionate “reality therapist” helps clients finally shatter their facades and walk in truth and freedom.


Direct therapeutic or speaking inquiries to:

Email or Phone: 833-LPC-SIMS (572-7467)

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