Patricia Sims


While many people try to define themselves and find their purpose in external sources, Patricia Sims, affectionately known as Mz. Pat, knows firsthand that true purpose can only be unlocked from within. The only child of an incarcerated single parent, Pat learned early on in life that not only were the people around her unequipped to define herself worth—but they were ill prepared to groom the gifts which had been divinely placed within her.


Determined not to repeat the same cycles of brokenness, nor pass them on to her daughters, she refused to allow her life’s purpose to be deterred due to lack of encouragement or empowerment—thus, she empowered herself. As a divorced mother of four, Pat has made it her life’s mission to serve as a beacon of hope and enlightenment for anyone she comes in contact with. Her passion to positively impact the lives of others, coupled with her formal training in Human Services and Mental Health Counseling,

serves as a platform to touch lives far beyond her backyard. To further expand her reach, she founded PDSWellness, LLC, where clients receive authentic 

therapeutic or coaching services at an affordable rate.


Whether she’s working with a client one on one, or moderating a small group setting, her bold approach as a “reality therapist” helps clients shatter their facades and walk in truth and freedom. Under the umbrella of PDSWellness, LLC, she facilitates Talk Thera-Tea with Mz. Pat, where she addresses questions, concerns and real-life dilemmas in a safe, anonymous atmosphere. Geared toward women ages 18-45, Talk Thera-Tea offers advice from professional therapist, to people of all walks of life. Realizing that individuals

 gravitate toward her during crisis and trying times, she works masterfully

to help them turn their tragedies into triumphs.


In addition to being a featured speaker with The Relationship Conference Tour, Pat also shared a part of her story in The Ambition Anthology book project, released in April 2018 and Marriage Uncut, Straight Talk, No Chaser, released in September 2018. Whereas many measure their success by dollar amounts and degrees, Pat is adamant about measuring hers by the impact she leaves on the hearts of men and women that can’t easily be erased. Whether you’re meeting her for the first time, or you’ve known her all your life, it is clear that Pat is determined to help you access the tools to create long-term change,

discover your purpose, and live your best life now!


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